12 Powerful Habits of Social Media Pros

Now days if you have not heard about media, you are living under a rock.  Social Media is   becoming a key factor in promoting your business, your blog, or anything en-between.  With social media growing leaps and bounds there have become pros in the industry.  Here are 12 powerful habits of the pros.

1) Help

2) Share fairly

3) Thank

4) Remember

5) Don’t patronize

6) Follow

7) Have conversations

8) Make time for social media

9) Blog

10) Are present

11) Show their personality

12) Can laugh at themselves

Follow these habits and see where it gets you in the social media world.

Source of Article: http://12most.com/2012/04/26/12-powerhouse-habits-social-media-pros/

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8 Reasons To Choose A Startup Over A Corporate Job

Working in the corporate world has its benefits… good pay, benefits, and maybe a few more perks, but is it really want you want for your career?  Working for a startup company can have its perks, you just have to look for them a little bit harder.

Here are 8 reasons to work for a startup  company.

1. You’ll have more responsibility.

2. You’ll be given more opportunities.

3. You’ll be able to do a lot of different things.

4. You will learn from true innovators.

5. Your work will be recognized (as will your failures).

6. You’ll work in an awesome atmosphere.

7. You’ll learn to be frugal.

8. You’ll be instilled with the value of hard work, ownership, and self-sustainability.

To me all of these benefits are great and out weight the corporate world, especially being a mom.

Source of Article: http://bit.ly/HbTVH0

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5 Reasons Working at Home Can Make You a Better Mom

Thinking about being a work at home mom?  There are many reason to consider being a mom that works form home.  Did you ever think it could make you a better mom?

Here are 5 reason why working at home can make you a better mom:

You’ll get more time to spend with your kids.

Of course, this is the reason a lot of women decide to work at home in the first place, but it’s worth mentioning.

You’ll have more patience and energy.

Doing what you love, and being your own boss, wears you down a lot less than working in the traditional corporate environment. These benefits definitely pay off as a parent.

The schedule is a lot more flexible.

You can set up your business to work as many hours as you want… or as few. Plus, the vacation plan can’t be beat.

You might earn more money.

A lot of work at home moms are surprised to find that, without a ceiling on their income, they are able to exceed what they had made in the past, or hoped to make being self-employed.

You teach your kids to take control of their own futures.

As parents, we all have to lead by example. And what better example to set than starting your own business?

Source of Article: http://www.athomemoms.com/2011/12/20/5-reasons-working-at-home-can-make-you-a-better-mom/

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10 Reasons to Start Your Own Business

Starting a business was such a great opportunity for me and I have enjoyed every second of it.  Not going to lie, it has it down moments, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Now days many moms are thinking about starting a business.  Here are ten reasons to start your own business:

1) Money

2) Self –esteem

3) Being there for your family

4) You get to choose your schedule and work with flexibility

5) Saving on expenses

6) Many businesses can be started on a shoestring

7) No worries about layoffs

8) Tax benefits

9) Doing something you love

10)  You need something more challenging

Source of Article: http://successfulwomansguides.com/2011/10/10-reasons-to-start-your-own-business/

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Productive Peaceful Holidays for the Work-at-Home Mom

We are approaching the holiday season and this time of year things get very hectic.  With holiday parties and plays for the kids, shopping, baking, and the list goes on and on.  Not only do you have all this going on, you still have to find time to work. There is a lot of balancing going on this time of year.  Here are a few thing to get you through the holidays.

1) Use a Holiday Organizer

2) Plan for Vacation and Family Time in Advance

3) Cut Back on Unnecessary “Commitments”

During this time of year, enjoy the holiday season and spend time with your family.

Source of Article: http://www.themomwrites.com/2011/11/productivity-holiday-tips-wahm.html

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6 Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Children While Accomplishing Something

Any mom has about a million things to get done in a day. On top of all of that you want to spend time with your kids, but how do you get it all done?  It is hard to get things down without feeling like you are neglecting the kids.  Here are a few thing you can do to accomplish both.

1) Grocery Shopping: Pick something up for dinner but also take this opportunity to have fun and teach your child a thing or two.  The grocery store is a great place to teach your child colors, names of objects, and how to weight things.

2) House Work: House work is never fun, but have your kids help out and turn it into a game.

3) Yard Work: Every kid likes to play outside and in the dirt.  Having the kids help with yard work accomplishes this and it keeps the yard clean.

4) Cooking: When it comes to cooking have them help you clean the veggies, measure things out and as they get older have them clean potatoes or cut meat up.

5) Exercise: Take the kids with you.  Have them ride their bike while you jog next to them.

6) Working at Home: If you are a work at home mom, have the kids “help” you with your work.  Have stamps and stickers, strangely shaped scissors, a variety of markers, crayons and colored pencils and they will be ready to “work”.  You can even squeeze some learning in there with writing exercises.

Whatever you do, try to include the kids as much as you can.  It will be great for everyone.

Source of Article: http://www.theworkathomewoman.com/6-ways-to-spend-quality-time-with-your-children-while-accomplishing-something/

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Twitter Marketing Tips

I love twitter and I think is is one of the best ways to market your business, as long as you know how to use it.  Twitter has grown a lot in the last 9 months and this trend is expected to grow. Here are some hot tips to help you market your business on twitter.

1) Share valuable content in your own voice

2) Use key words

3) Share links to useful content

4) Connect with the right people and tweet with them

5) Use search features to discover what your clients want

6) Use a classic icebreaker

7) Cultivate relationships

8) Engage your audience

9) Be helpful

10) Transparency leads to credibility

11) Use hashtags

12) Share links back to your website

13) Tweet links to your blog

14) Connect your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts

15) Take advantage of tools to help curate and share relevant content

16) Add columns of searches in HootSuite

17) Get a twitter tutorial, if needed.

Twitter can be a great tool, if you know how to work it. Have fun!!

Source of Article: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/17-twitter-marketing-tips-from-the-pros/

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12 Best Social Media Tool

Now days just about everyone uses some form of social media, especially if you own a business.  No matter how you use it, you just want to make sure you are getting what you need out of it.  With so many different social media tools out there, you many be waisting time bouncing from one to another or not utilizing them to their full potential.  Here is a list of the best social media tools out there.

1) Hootsuite

2) Listorious

3) Buffer

4) Dlvr.it

5) SocialOomph

6) Plume

7) Blogpulse

8) Social Mention

9) G+ Search

10) Tweriod

11) Stickies

12) YOU!

Source of Article: http://www.johnpaulaguiar.com/best-social-media-tools/

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Creating Relaxed Spaces and Routines as a Work-at-Home Mom

There are many great things about working from home… create your own hours, get to be home with the kids, get to keep house and cook, and be in your own space.  All of this is great, but at times it is hared to find a little time for yourself.  Here are a few ways to create a relaxing space at home.

1) Create a stress-free bedroom

2) Create relaxing spaces within your home

3) Give yourself a daily “time out” from work

4) Schedule regular “time outs” with the family.

What are some ways you find to relax at home, while working from home.

Source of Article: http://www.themomwrites.com/2011/10/work-at-home-mom-tips.html

Trying to balance work and kids can be difficult at time.  Sometimes it is hard to find time to relax and get a way from it all.

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The Pros and Cons of Telecommuting

Telecommuting is the ability to work from home, who wouldn’t love that?  When you think of someone who is telecommuting you think they have freedom to do what they want, when they want.  Just because it sounds good, doesn’t always mean it is good.  Even though there are a some great things that come with telecommuting, there are some cons to it as well.  Here is a list of pros and cons of telecommuting:


1) Anywhere, Anytime

2) Travel and the Environment

3) Determine Your Own Schedule


1) Alienation

2) Communication

3) Exchange Rates

4) Technology

What are some pros and cons you find with telecommuting?

Source of Article: http://www.dailywritingtips.com/pros-and-cons-of-telecommuting/

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