21 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Fanbase

Pretty much every business out there has a facebook page.  It is now the way to stay up to date on your favorite business information.  When you start a facebook page you want to get as many friends as possible, as this is one way to get your business information out there.  Here are some ways to grow your fanbase.

1) Embed widegts on your website

2) Invite your e-mail subscribers

3) Add your facebook link to your e-mail signature block

4) Make a welcome video

5) Use facebook apps

6) Integrate the facebook comment feature

7) Get fans to tag photos

8) Load videos and embed on your site

9) Place facebook ads

10) Run a contest

11)  Link to twitter

12)  Use print media

13)  Get friends to join via sms

14) Display at your place of business

15) Add a link on your personal profile

16) Use the share button

17)  Add a badge/button to your profile

18)  Use the @ tag

19)  Autograph other fan pages

20)  Autograph post on other walls

21) Use the suggest friends button, but use this as your last resort.

Source of Article: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/21-creative-ways-to-increase-your-facebook-fanbase/

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