8 Ways to Find Motivation at Home

I love working from home, but sometimes it is hard to find the motivation you need.  Working from home is not easy and if you have kids at home that is an even bigger distraction and hard to keep the motivation going. I know when I don’t have the motivation I always find something that needs to be done “right now” and when all else fails I just take a nap.  Even though naps are good, they don’t help with the motivation factor.  Here are some ways to help with motivation when working from home.

1. Remember that it’s a job.

2. Start your day with a realistic morning routine.

3. Eat your frog

4. Find inspiration…

5. …But, don’t let those blogs and magazines discourage you.

6. Leave the house.

7. Evaluate what you’re about.

8. End your work day.


Source of Article: http://simplemom.net/8-ways-to-find-motivation-at-home/

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